Want to Become a Vocal Technique Pro, Without Needing To Spend 3 Years Getting a Degree?

Most singers believe that mastering vocal techniques and understanding vocal anatomy and physiology requires formal education, extensive training, and adherence to traditional methods.

But What If There Was An Alternative?

In an era where voice information is readily accessible through social media, standing out means delivering fast, effective results to singers. Stay ahead of the competition with VocaLab’s Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop.

This one-day, face to face, CPD Accredited workshop, delivered by voice specialising SLP and international vocal coach, Elle Holiday, puts you at the forefront of the evolving voice-science industry with our unique blend of speech pathology practice and evidence-based singing methods. 

Register today to master highly effective, sought-after techniques and elevate your voice to new heights of excellence.

(oh, and in case you’re wondering… no, you don’t need to be an ‘advanced’ singer to take this workshop 😉)

"I absolutely loved attending VocaLab's workshop in New York City! As a long-time fan of their online content, and how accessible they make high-quality vocal education, I was so excited to get to learn face to face from Elle. She is so warm, nurturing, and knows the voice inside and out. Her techniques all stem from years of science-based voice research, and it shows. If you get the chance to learn from VocaLab, either as a voice teacher continuing their education, or as a singer looking to up their vocal capabilities, I suggest you jump on the opportunity!"
Emily Kristen Morris
Singer, Actress, Vocal Instructor & Founder of EKM Studios

Would You Like To Learn?

If you found yourself thinking, "YES!" to any of the above then the Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop is the perfect fit for you!

This premier in-person course is designed to arm you with unwavering confidence and provide you with skill-building knowledge, alongside a vibrant community of vocalists dedicated to vocal excellence.

So what are you waiting for?

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Voice Specialising Speech Pathologist (CPSP)
International Vocal Coach
Singing Technique Specialist
Vocal Massage Therapist

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Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop

The Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop


You’re only 7 topics away from fast-tracking your vocal technique and confidence


TOPIC 1: Breath Work Application

No matter your previous experience, this section will lay the theoretical and practical foundations of effective breath work for vocal performance. We’ll guide you through mastering your breathing to increase vocal volume and strength.


TOPIC 2: Registrations & Techniques

Dive into the complexities and theory of vocal registers and techniques. Troubleshoot common issues and adapt techniques to suit individual student and performers.


TOPIC 3: Belt

Explore multiple belting approaches, ensuring you can adapt the technique to suit individual voice. This holistic perspective not only enhances your performance but equips you with diverse skills to teach others effectively


TOPIC 4: Mixed Belt

Troubleshooting guidance to overcome hurdles in learning and teaching mixed belting. You will gain a variety of theories and strategies to tailor this technique to individual needs, enriching your vocal toolkit and boosting your capabilities as both a performer and an instructor.


TOPIC 5: Twang

Twang technique can be transformative yet tricky to master. This section focuses on identifying and resolving common pitfalls associated with learning twang. By diversifying the approaches to twang, we ensure you can apply it effectively across different singing styles and become a more versatile and dynamic singer.


TOPIC 6: Vowel Modification

Learn the science of VocaLab vowel modification to maintain vocal consistency across your range. This section will teach you how to modify vowels while singing to improve tone quality and ease of production. 


TOPIC 7: Vocal Support

Appropriate, gentle muscle engagement is fundamental to effective singing and speaking. This section will cover the key principles of vocal ‘support’, helping you develop a more controlled and sustained vocal output. 

In this full day, in-person course, you will learn how to build, grow and troubleshoot your voice and build the confidence and vocal knowledge to tackle your singing goals quickly and efficiently.

What You'll Get

Their Words Not Ours

The material taught by Elle is invaluable and I believe every singer should have access to this level of training

No one leaves a workshop with Elle feeling anything less than empowered and excited for what's next

One of the most informative face to face courses I've done. -- I highly, highly recommend this course

Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop


*Only 12 places available per city*

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What does an AVT workshop look like?

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Your questions answered

Common Questions

Anyone wanting to learn how to use singing technique! This workshop is best suited for singers, singing teachers and SLPs.

Not at all! Any one can attend, however a basic understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology will be helpful. If you’d like to prepare yourself for this course, you can take our signature vocal anatomy course, The Vocal Educator Toolkit here

Absolutely! The AVT is a blend of:
– Evidence-based Speech Pathology practice
– Elle’s clinical experience as a vocal technique rehabilitation coach
– 15+ years of gigging experience in duos, party bands and musicals
– 10+ years directing choirs and vocal ensembles

You can find an overview of all the topics covered in the course here

The AVT is delivered over one day from 9:30am – 5pm.

After the workshop has finished you will be invited to our exclusive Facebook community where you can continue to ask questions and share your experiences with vocal educators from all over the world.

The Advanced Vocal Technique workshop is AUD$1200 (outright)
*early bird outright price of $950 AUD available until May 20th ACST

This includes
– A full day in-person course with Elle Holiday
– Your course guidebook
– Lifetime access to our Facebook community.
– Water, tea & coffee
– Morning tea, light lunch & afternoon tea
– Ability to record your own demonstrations
– Optional solo work opportunity with Elle
– 4 VocaLab Digital Educational Posters
– Certificate of completion
– VocaLab Alumni Digital Badge

Any demonstrating in the AVT workshop is totally voluntary. Elle will encourage you to have a go, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

However, you will get a lot more out of the course if you try out the techniques with the group and workshop your chosen song live with Elle.

No, this isn’t an accredited course, but you will get plenty of time to hone the practical skills you learn on the day.

Absolutely! Upon completing the advanced vocal technique workshop, you will receive an email with your official certificate from VocaLab, which you can proudly display to friends and family.

We sure do! Simply choose the payment plan option before checkout. 

Of course! So long as it is in line with our T&Cs.

Yes! You can read about what the AVT covers here

The AVT covers vocal sustainability relevant to the techniques we cover in the course, which you can read about here.

If you would like to take a course specific to vocal health, vocal anatomy and physiology, VocaLab runs the Vocal Educator Toolkit online multiple times a year.

No. However, Elle is highly experienced in helping classical singers transition their voices sustainably across to more contemporary stylings

Meet Elle

Elle Holiday’s path into the world of music and vocal education was marked by both challenge and transformation. Growing up with a love for singing and performance lead her to study a Diploma in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in 2008, a time filled with both achievement and passion for performance.

Around the same time, Elle fell into teaching singing. She quickly realised that, like her, many singing teachers were teaching based on how their voices felt and what they had been taught in lessons by their singing teachers, without a deep understanding of vocal anatomy. This recognition of a widespread gap in knowledge among her peers prompted Elle to dig deeper.

Elle decided to bridge this gap by studying Speech Pathology while continuing to teach and perform. She developed the Vocal Educator Toolkit (VET), an online course merging her extensive teaching experience with her clinical knowledge, designed to equip singing teachers with essential voice knowledge. The VET has gained global acceptance, emphasising that “it’s okay not to have all the answers” and that there is always room to learn and grow. This philosophy ensures that every voice teacher can feel confident and equipped to help their students, reinforcing the belief that one does not need to know everything about the voice to be a great teacher. 

Capitalising on this success, Elle founded the VocaLab Voice Clinic to offer comprehensive clinical voice therapy and support, particularly for individuals with vocal injuries and those seeking voice alignment with their gender identity. Since its inception in 2020, VocaLab has expanded from Adelaide to major Australian cities and New York, promoting a supportive and innovative approach in voice therapy and education.

VocaLab Story

Creating knowledgeable, confident and empowered vocalists & vocal educators

VocaLab was founded on a vision to bridge the gap between clinical voice therapy and vocal pedagogy, making evidence-based voice science accessible to everyone; be it through the @VocaLabAU Instagram page that offers free educational posts, through the SLP run voice clinic, or through specialty singing lessons with our highly trained vocal teachers. The organisation aims to equip vocalists and professional voice users with a robust understanding of vocal anatomy and health, allowing for sustainable voice use and enhanced performance capabilities. VocaLab’s goals for vocalists are clear: to foster a holistic understanding of vocal mechanics, promote long-term vocal health, and empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to explore and enhance their vocal capabilities confidently.

The courses and services offered by VocaLab have been adopted by hundreds of vocalists, educators, SLPs, and musical directors globally, showcasing the universal appeal and effectiveness of their approach. With a presence in major cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and New York, VocaLab continues to expand its influence, helping more people understand and master their vocal instrument within a supportive community that mirrors their own journey towards vocal freedom and strength.

Only 12 places available per city